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The Veronica garment line is the foundation for the feminine figure you have always desired. Thanks to being designed by 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) it allows us to custom fit your garment to your body to make your hips and derriere perfectly feminine!  The computer program subtracts out your body shape from set feminine shape and generates a model of the extra curves necessary.  This will give you “YOUR” appropriate feminine body shape!


Because everybody is unique please fill out the form below, see fit chart below to help you with measurements.  Please submit a completed fit chart after you order a Veronica so the custom garment can be created for your individual proportions. 


  • These are tight-fitting honest with your measurements!

  • Use a cloth tape for measurements. Wear your panties while doing measurements as they may affect your dimensions.

  • If you always intend to wear a corset/waist cincher, put it on before taking measurements. Be advised that elastic waistbands will reduce your waist a little on their own.

Crossdresser Transgende Hip & Butt Pads
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