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"Greetings and thanks--I've been wearing a Veronica for almost ten years (am due for a new one!) and it has made me feel so much more completely feminine. It has done wonders for my confidence. The very first time I put it on, I thought, Oh, this is who I am!"  -  J. Carter

"After taking the big step toward transition I started on hormone therapy. Of course I expected a dramatic change in my figure to a more feminine shape. Well months went by with only a slight increase in my bust and I really wanted a curvy figure. After commenting on this to another transgender women she suggested I try her Diva bra. After trying it on, one look in the mirror, I had the cleavage that I always dreamed about. My friends and boyfriend were stunned at my bulging bust line and of course it made me feel more confident.  Thanks to Classic Curves."  -  J. Collins

"I really love the products that Classic Curves has developed. I've had my Veronica 2 and Diva for over 5 years. They not only give me the curves I always wanted but it also gave me the confidence I had always desired.  Thank you so much Classic Curves for having such a quality product line."  -  R. Lee

"Thank you so much for the new look. My clothes finally fit properly and I am no longer constantly hiking up my skirts and slacks. I can't believe how natural and easy my Veronica 2 moves with my body. "  -  Christina

"Hi espy, I love the Veronica 2. I feel like my shoulders, hips, and waist are all balanced. since I recieved it, I went outside for the first time and I felt pretty confident (and pretty!.) I attached two pics of me ready for a jog, and one, ready for the mall. Thanks so much."  -  Carry .

"Just wanted to let you know that I don't go out with out my Veronica 2. It completes me perfectly, and has been a great boost to my self image. I went out on my birthday for a bit of shopping with two Female Friends. We took in Harrods and then headed over to Covent Garden where I got fitted for a proper sized bra. The young lady who did the fitting didn't even bat an eye as she helped find my correct size. It was soooo great!!!" - Shawna H.

"Hi, I've been wearing "Veronica's" for 6 years, now including the V3. I love the way they give me the feminine shape I've always wanted and my clothes fit so well! As a member of a local support group for cross-dressers I've encouraged fellow members to try the products also. Now I'm working with Espy to promote the products across Australia! Keep up the good work Espy and visit us "down-under" soon!"  -  Phillippa H.

"The second I put on my Veronica girdle for the first time, my feminine self finally emerged. Until then I just looked like a guy in girl's clothes. Anyone who wants to really look like a woman must get both a Veronica girdle and the cleavage bra. Together they literally transform your body and your self image. They are necessary parts of my wardrobe."  -  Dana S.

"I have tried many different brands of hip/but pads with limited success. Once I put the Veronica 2 on, I knew it was a winner. Suddenly my gal jeans fit like a glove in the hips and my skirts came alive with curves!"  -  Rae W.

"Thank you for helping me out on the phone. I am looking foreword to my new Diva. I also would like some of the adhesive glue, that you had mention . Thank you very much."  -  Tricia

"I totally love the feel of my breasts when attached with the Hollister Adhesive product. I have left them in place for several days and thru showers. They feel so natural! There is no after problem with removal of the adhesive. Supplementing me down below is the look of the Panty Gaff. A soft wonderful garment that allows for total hiding and the round soft mound look that we crave."  -  Teri

"Thank you for all the wonderful products you have developed for those of us who are not naturally endowed with a feminine form. I won't go anywhere without my Veronica II and now my Classic Curves corset."  -  Jennifer

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