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Veronica: First Try-On Instructions for TGirls


TGirls - Please try on our new Veronica over your underwear. We recommend Jockey For Her panties, in a thong or bikini style in cotton. Why? Because nylon and silk tend to make this garment slip.

After sliding up your new garment to your feminine waist, verify that your padding is correctly in place. You must insert your hand between the elastic band and into the 'pocket' to re-arrange or slide each pad.

Start at the rear seam. With your fingertips verify that there are no folds or bunching or padding. Follow the outline of the garment along the inner edge, smoothing and straightening as you go.

Sometimes the pads need to be 'shifted' either forward or backward.
Too much hip?    Shift pad back.
Too much fanny?  Shift pad forward.

This is best determined by putting on hosiery and a snug straight skirt. Stand in front of a mirror and turn around. Experiment with your pads to find your best look.

Try light control hosiery over the entire garment for best results.

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