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Classic Curve introduces the Veronica 3, the world's first polymer jell prostatic pad for those who are looking for an even more realistic look. It is not a liquid pouch that will tear under normal use. This material is tougher and heavier than the pad used in the Veronica I and II and yet it has the feel and weight of the natural body. We have also developed a new all-in-one garment that will support the weight and contour of these jell forms to your shape. The new garment is respectfully named The Veronica 3 All-in-one garment!


Our newest garment, the Veronica 3 is as convient as the Veronica 1 and 2 with a few added features! We've combines a crotchless Veronica with a front-lacing corset and Diva breast enhancer in one easy to use garment that is complimented with our newest polymer jell prosthetic hip and derriere pad. You will have a choice or either black or nude and the garment will be made based on your individual measurements.  Also availalbe in foam pads instead of our newest jell.

If you are ordering, please submit a Veronica fit form.


For international orders please contact us for a shipping quote.

Veronica 3

  • Because everybody is unique, fit charts are included on this website. (Fit charts can be found under customer care.) Please submit a completed fit chart after you order a Veronica so the custom garment can be created for your individual proportions.


    • These are tight-fitting honest with your measurements!
    • Use a cloth tape for measurements. Wear your panties while doing measurements as they may affect your dimensions.
    • If you always intend to wear a corset/waist cincher, put it on before taking measurements. Be advised that elastic waistbands will reduce your waist a little on their own.
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