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Classic Curve introduces the Veronica 5, which continues the tradition with a new lacey, supportive fabric. The Veronica 5 offers you the option of wearing the garment with either our tradional closed cell Foam Pads or Gel Pads! The Veronica 5 will not require you to purchase additonal padding for its use. You will be able to use the pads perviously purchased for your Veronica 2, 3 or 4 garments. The Veronica 5 is available in sizes 28 through 42, pull-on and nude color only. 

If you are ordering, please submit a Veronica fit form.


For international orders please contact us for a shipping quote.

Veronica 5

  • Because everybody is unique, fit charts are included on this website. (Fit charts can be found under customer care.) Please submit a completed fit chart after you order a Veronica so the custom garment can be created for your individual proportions.


    • These are tight-fitting honest with your measurements!
    • Use a cloth tape for measurements. Wear your panties while doing measurements as they may affect your dimensions.
    • If you always intend to wear a corset/waist cincher, put it on before taking measurements. Be advised that elastic waistbands will reduce your waist a little on their own.
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