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Up until now, there were only 3 ways to get crossdresser cleavage--hormones, implants or tape. Hormones mean that you'll be feminine-looking 24 hours a day, for the rest of your life (unless and until you get breast reduction surgery).The same holds true for breast implants. It's possible to get realistic-looking cleavage by using tape and make-up, but this technique is extraordinarily difficult to master.


Classic Curves International has introduced a FOURTH way to create cleavage...using our Diva breast-enhancing garment! The Diva is ingeniously designed to take the loose side and chest tissue you have now(and we've ALL got SOME) to temporarily create what appears to be absolutely real cleavage! (patent pending)  Make sure to order It Stays roll-on adhesive which can be ordered seperately or added onto this order.


Diva design - Our Diva bust-enhancing clothing use special bi-layered pads.These were custom-designed just for the Diva ! (patent pending). The inner surface grips your sensitive chest skin (WITHOUT DAMAGING IT!), and pulls it towards the front of your body.  


The primary fabric, used for much of the rest of the garment, is a very special lace material with extended-memory properties. These properties allow the garment to be stretched numerous times, and yet still retain it's holding power! Together, these two unique developments allow you to have truly female-appearing cleavage without the pain, suffering and hassle of earlier feminizing attempts! Our Divas have three stays at the back to prevent rolling, and to help pull additional skin towards the front of your torso. Divas attach at the front with three adjustable hook-and-eye fasteners.


The Diva

  • NOTE: DON'T JUST FILL-IN YOUR CURRENT BRA SIZE! Classic Curves International needs an exact measurement of your real chest size. The Diva doesn't stretch much (that would defeat it's purpose). Regular bras have quite a bit of "give" in them,which can give you a false perception of your actual bust measurement. Use a cloth tailors' rule (measuring tape) to measure around your chest,across your nipples. If you have quite a bit of excess bust tissue (lucky you!), measure just under your "breasts".