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Improve your appearance with these high quality breast enhancement items for crossdressing. Available in cup sizes B and C. Here are a few words from Candy: 

"I always felt that cleavage was the ultimate female attribute. I worked for 3 years to use my body to achieve believable cleavage. I meant diet, exercise and something firm enough to get them up and out. I found some foam balls that I could cut and shape a little, and they give me very workable cleavage. However, they had no motion, feel or the ability to stay in place. I met Espy at Espirit and showed her what I was doing and the flaws. Her efforts are the present Candy Tarts™. I wore these in Las Vegas last week and was asked by ggs exactly how I managed to have such believable cleavage. 

They require a very tight corset with built-in bra or a very tight demi-bra. The Tarts must fit the bra in order to work. They are greatly enhanced by proper shading that must be done so as play up the valleys and the peaks. Simply put the Tarts into you tight bra and lift the muscle, flab, tissue or what ever is up there and place it on top of the Tart. Your breast will have a beautiful rounded shape, jiggle a little, feel warm and just like a real breast. They will attract attention like a magnet.

Candy Tarts

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