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Hello and thanks for being here!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

My name is Adrian (he/him), one of the new proprieters of Classic Curves International, along with Ana Lopez (she/her). I have been a friend and family member of Classic Curves International for nearly 25 years. Before our proprietress Espy’s earthly departure she let it be known that in her absence she wanted the business to continue and she wanted me to help take the helm. So I’m here with Ana catching up with a lot of things we don’t have a ton of experience with.

Espy was quite the sales lady. She sold me on the idea. I am a trained artist who has acquired his credentials from the California State University at Long Beach, and the University of California at Irvine. Among my skills as an artist is a fair competence in sculpting, which Espy knew about. You see, each and every foam pad that we insert into a garment and gets shipped out to one of our clients is custom shaped to each client’s specifications. Yours truly was recruited that day by Espy to be the one who got that part of the job done. Yes, I’m coming out as your humble but skilled bootie sculptor. OMG I couldn’t tell you how many pairs of our hip/butt pads I have sculpted for ya’ll through all these years! I hope y’all booties are having a good time and doing the good work we at Classic Curves International intended you to do!

Our friend and longtime client Micki Finn told me that she still uses the padded undergarment she purchased from Espy nearly 30 years ago. She says it’s certainly taken a beating, but it’s as useful today as it was when she first got it. Now that is quality!!! And talk about pride.

We are finding out stories such as these more and more as we are rebuilding the company. We are looking forward to share these stories with you. As Ana and I continue to get things here at Classic Curves International up and running at full force again, learning from you and about your experience with our products, and about your needs and desires is a great asset. And please keep coming back here to our blog. We will be updating the progress with our new website, as well as other interesting issues and ideas involving our community.

Good bye for now!

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