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For Our Beautiful Readers

I’ve been having some difficulty writing this blog entry for quite some time. I haven’t been able to figure out the proper way to approach the subject matter. But this morning a new thought about it came to mind, and that is: YOU DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM. I’m addressing this statement to the readers here and to the Trans Community in general. You do not have a problem, you are not the problem. You are a human being on this planet doing what humans have done forever, trying to figure out how to live your life, and living it. And beyond the struggle (or not) for everyday survival, very human has a way to look at themselves and to decide for themselves if what they are seeing and how they are living is satisfactory to them. We haven’t always had the means to change ourselves to fit our ideals. But as time has past we’ve progressed in this way. And today people have the choice as to which gender or sex they want for themselves. There are medical means, psychological support systems, and commercial endeavors (such as Classic Curves International!!) that have developed with time and effort to help you become who you feel you are. All these endeavors have put the choice of gender and sex into the hands of the individual. Its called progression, evolution, advancement. Thank you very much.

Of course when I say, you do not have a problem, and you are not the problem, I don’t mean to say there are no problems. Of course there are problems. The way the Trans Community is being portrayed and used in politics and in the media are huge concerns. BUT THE PROBLEM IS NOT YOU! The problem is them. They need to progress, they need to evolve, they need to advance. We can have sympathy (or not) for the ones that are trying. But we certainly have to be careful of- and even struggle against - the ones that are just stuck on stupid. I can say a million things about that, but we all know the stupidity and violence that is going on out there. But listen, you are human being trying to flower while you’re here on planet Earth. Do it! Grow. Blossom into who you are and what you want to be! We want that for you. That is why Classic Curves International is here.

By the way, thank you for your patience while we get ourselves together here... Talk about strugglin'! But please stay tuned! We shall return.

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Hi Adrian & Ana.. Just wondering when you will be open for business again.??. Your products are superior to other products available today...I love the way you have kept the prices very reasonable.... I know its not easy getting things going again and I wish there was some way I could help... Yours in friendship. Impala Landmesser


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Thank you for your words! Looking forward for the big reopening!


Jul 10, 2023

Do you and Ana have a target date for reopening? So many are looking forward to it. At least a rough estimated date will help calm our fears and give us something to look forward to.

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