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Feeling New

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

At Classic Curves International, we are grateful for the loyalty our customers have shown us over the past 39 years. Many of our clients' journeys from desiring to achieving perfect feminine curves began with us! Seeing you transformed in the mirror with your vision realized was always our common goal. So hey, for any newbie out there, no problem, we are here to help you take your first steps to fulfilling your dream.

Like any newbie, I really didn’t know what I was doing when I first started working for Espy at Classic Curves. I mean, I knew how to do what she asked me to: make a number of tall boxes with doors on them and shelves inside, but I had no idea what they were for. I found out eventually, though. These boxes would soon store the foam pads Espy had painstakingly developed for CCI, the same hip- and butt- pads that have given Classic Curves International the ground-breaking products we’ve been known for since 1984.

Designing our hip- and butt- pads—from coming up with the proprietary formula for our foam, to making the prototypes for the various sizes and shapes of the pads—was a labor of love for Espy. It was with real pride and love that she finally showed me the pads and the exclusive undergarments into which we insert them—a design she had been evolving for years. Called the Veronica line, these were practical garments that finally gave her the feminine curves she wanted. And that’s what we want for you—to help you align the inner vision of yourself with your outer, physical, presenting self.

We look forward to operating in full gear again to assist you in building your own uniquely perfect curves. So please keep coming back to check up on us. And…STAY BEAUTIFUL, BE YOU, and STAY STRONG!


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What are you having difficulty with, designing the site? Is it a technical problem? I know Wix can be a bear, maybe you should consider migrating to shopify or better yet wordpress with the woocommerce addin. That would allow you to take in all the measurements of a person by a form. If you need free help contact me at

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