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About Classic Curves

Create the look you want. Every time.

We’ve all been there. You spend all of this time arranging makeshift padding to build breakneck curves. Then you literally break your neck trying to keep the pieces from shifting, sliding around or falling off when you visit the bathroom. Loose, insecure padding is the fastest way to ruin your outfit, and your evening.


Our founder, Espy Lopez, realized the need for premium quality hip- and butt-padding in 1984. A pioneer in the Los Angeles transgender community, Espy set out to create the perfect female figure for herself and discovered that most available products had the same issues:


•   Poor quality materials

•   Unsecured padding that could slip or bunch

•   One-size-fits-all padding looked sloppy and unnatural


Espy Lopez established Classic Curves as a luxurious alternative to these products.


Today, we continue to make garments to the same high standards she set. Each item is American-made with your choice of foam or hyper-realistic gel padding. Our patented padding is secured in place, ensuring a smooth outer contour. We offer a variety of styles to help you create a unique fit and look.


Best of all, Classic Curves are uniquely yours.


We take your personalized body measurements and put them into a CAD program to design fully contoured padding. No other provider in the industry customizes their products to this extent.


For nearly 40 years we've developed relationships with happy customers around the world. Whether you are transgender, genderfluid, a crossdresser, a cisgender woman, or simply fall somewhere between the binary, we are here to help you create the body you've always envisioned!

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