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The Veronica garment line are custom fitted undergarments that will give you the proper butt and hip proportions of a feminine woman. Whether you consider yourself to be a crossdresser, genderfluid, transgender, or genetic female these garments will work for you and they come in several styles to choose from.


The Veronica 1 is for wearing very short skirts, shorts and swim suits and the Veronica 2 is for longer skirt styles, jeans or tights. Both are available in these colors: white or black. They also come in three styles: pull on, demi zipper, or full zipper.

The Veronica 3 is an all-in-one garment that combines a crotchless Veronica with a lace up corset and Diva breast enhancer.  Plus with the Veronica three you can choose from our new jell pads for an even more realistic feel or our regular foam pads.

The Veronica 4  and Veronica 5 supports both Veronica 1 & 2 foam pads or Veronica 3 jell pads meaning you can use the pads you might already own and only purchase the garment only.


The Veronica 6 is our latest evolution bringing together an open girdle with six garters to hold in place your sexiest stockings.  

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