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Classic Curves International was established in 1984 out of a need for a better quality hip and butt padding to help foster the perfect feminine figure.  Espy Lopez (President & Owner) who has been a pioneer in the transgender Los Angeles community first tried many products to create the perfect feminine figure but she often found difficulty in using these products for several reasons.

  • Quality was poor

  • Padding was free floating and not secured

  • Padding never fit well - one size fit all

Let's face it, we all need to the use the restroom at one point during the day or night.  When you have loose, not secured, cheap padding you'll likely going to find it on the floor or worse yet in the toilet which puts a quick end to a great evening. 

This is where the Veronica line of hip & butt padding was born.  We only use high quality American made garments to secure the padding which then can be adjusted to your desire.  Our padding comes in either foam or for a more realistic feeling gel padding.  We have several different types of garments, all which create a unique fit and look.  But most of all we take your personalized body measurements put them into a computer CAD program to design fully contoured padding to work with your body in creating the look that you always wanted.  No other provider in the industry is doing this which is likely why even a lot of cisgender (not trans) women order from us.  We cater to all women no matter who you are.  Over the last thirty plus years we have developed happy customers from all over the United States including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Boston and the list goes on and on.  But we also have many happy international clients from Japan, South American, Mexico, Canada, England, France, Spain and more.  So whether if you are a cisgender women, transgender, genderfluid, crossdresser or simply fall somewhere between the binary we have a lot of products for your needs including our latest, the Qrazor!  The Qrazor utilizes two shaving heads which allows you to shave in half the time but still achieve the same great close shave. 

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