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Transbra for crossdressing

Veronica 3 - Crossdress Garment

The Veronica III has arrived!

Up to this time, I was limited to using closed cell foam rubber for my Veronica creations. This is a wonderful milable resilient foam material that does it's job but, I have alwayed played with the idea of using a silicon pad, like a breast form, for the Veronica derriere prosteic pads. Unfortunately, silicon is a liquid poured into a polymer bag that will explode if compressed. The littlest thing, such as sitting down could cause it to burst.

I am glad to announce that now there is an alternative for those who crossdress.

Classic Curves introduces the world's first polymer jell prostetic pad for those who crossdress. It is not a liquid pouch that will tear under normal use. This material is tougher and heavier than the pad used in the Veroica I and II and yet it has the feel and weight of the natural body. I have also developed a new all-in-one garment that will support the weight and contour of these jell forms to your shape. The new garment is respectfully named The Veronica III All-in-one garment!

Our newest garment, the Veronica lll is as convient as the Veronica l and ll with a few added features! We've combines a crotchless Veronica with a front-lacing corsolette and Diva in one easy to use garment that is complimented with our newest polymer jell prostetic hip and derriere pad. You will have a choice or either black or nude and the garment will be made based on your individual measurements.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Veronica III all-in-one crossdress garment or any of our products at CCI@FWS.NET or by calling us at (562) 595-9148.

Espy Lopez
Classic Curves International

$375.00 - $545.00 + S/H

Crossdress garment
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Crossdress girdle
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Crossdress shopping
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Customer Comments:

"Fits snug, you did a nice job. I now understand why accurate measurements are required as it fits like a glove. Thank you."

Michelle D, New Jersey


Click here for a few words about the V3 by Linda Lewis



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