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Featured Product
Transbra for crossdressing

Veronica 2 - Crossdressing Curves


The Veronica 2 gives the most feminine results under skirts within 4 inches of the knee, or lightweight, clingy or stretchy fabrics.

It enhances your curves down to the mid-thigh point and is ideal for crossdressing in tight jeans, leggings or aerobics wear.

The 6 inch elastic band will slightly diminish your waist.

Choose the full-zippered version for easiest entry into the garment, demi-zippered, or the pull-on version for an absolutely seamless front contour. The pull-on version, though a little harder to get into, is the version we'd recommend for leggings/tights, or any other thin, form-fitting outerwear.

150.75 + S/H

If your waist measurement is 40 inches or larger, or if your height EXCEEDS 6-foot-2-inches, your size range is Ample, otherwise you are considered Average.

Rush? Rush orders will be processed under 3 weeks or less. An additional $25.00 will be added to all rush orders.


Please fill out fit chart below to order.
  • These are tight-fitting honest with your measurements!
  • Use a cloth tape. Wear your panties, as they may affect your dimensions
  • If you always intend to wear a corset/waist cincher, put it on before taking measurements. Be advised that elastic waistbands will reduce your waist a little on their own.
Measurements may be in inches or centimeters:
Inches or cm:
Genetic Female?:

1. Shoulder:
Measure circumference of your shoulders.


2. Chest:
Measure circumference of chest at nipples.


3. Waist:
Circumference of waist 2 inches above your male waistline. This is your female waist size, i.e., where the waist of either Veronicais supposed to rest. If you ALWAYS intend to wear a corset/waist cincher, put it on BEFORE making the measurements! Be advised that the 3-inch ( Veronica1 ) or 6-inch ( Veronica 2 ) waistbands will reduce your waist a little on their own.

Waist Cincher?:

4. Torso Rise:
Measure from your navel down to underneath your scrotum. The end-point should be midway between the front and back of your crotch

Torso Rise:

5. Buttocks:
Measure circumference of fullest part of your buttocks:

Flatter than average?:
How Curvy do you want to be?:

6. Thigh:
Measure circumference of thigh 3 inches below crotch:

Height (barefoot):
Weight Measurement:
Bone Structure:


Crossdressing Girdle

Demi-zipper style

Crossdressing Garment

Crossdressing Veronica

150.75 + S/H

Order Veronica 2 Crossdressing Replacement Parts




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