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Classic Curves International - underclothing, breast enhancement, panties, gaffs, breast forms, corsets, and more for crossdressing men, transgender men, and genetic females looking for more curves. Here is a list of our products.

Enhancement garment for the crossdresser Veronica 1 Crossdressing Garment
The Veronica 1 is ideal for the crossdresser in very short skirts or swimsuits.

Veronica 2 hip enhancement garment for crossdressing Veronica 2 Crossdressing Garment
The Veronica 2 gives the most feminine results for crossdressing in skirts within 4 inches of the knee, or lightweight, clingy or stretchy fabrics.

Crossdress Veronica 3 Crossdressing Garment
A new way to crossdress - Classic Curves introduces the world's first polymer jell prostetic pad for the derriere and hip.

Crossdresser shopping Candy Tarts™ for Crossdressing
Crossdressers, now your breast will have a beautiful rounded shape, jiggle a little, feel warm and just like a real breast.

Diva breast enhancement for the crossdresser Diva - Crossdressing Cleavage
Classic Curves International has introduced a new way for the crossdresser to create cleavage...using our Diva breast-enhancing garment!

Crossdresser shopping - TransBra TransBra for crossdressing
You can have a totally feminine look without the hassle of bras or adhesives!

Breast Forms for crossdressing Crossdressing Breast Forms
Improve your crossdressing appearance with these high quality 100 % silicone full breast forms.

Crossdresser shopping - Nipples Nipples for Crossdressing
A perfect complement to your diva and breast forms. Gives a realistic look to your crossdressing.

Bras for crossdressing Bras for crossdressing
Now in Stock the BarelyBra. For total fulfillment while wearing the teardrop or triangle breast forms.

Corsets for crossdressing Corsets
Twelve inch corset that works well at creating a shapely figure on the male crossdresser.

Gaffs for crossdressing Gaffs
This garment will smooth out your private parts, leaving a clean flat line. Crossdress in style.

Panties for crossdressing Panty Gaffs
In stock now!! Perfect fit panty for crossdressing.

Seamless Hosiery for crossdressing Seamless Hosiery
Seamless Hosiery for crossdressing.

Seamed hosiery for crossdressing Seamed Hosiery
Full-fashioned Seamed Hosiery for crossdressing.

Suspender Belt for crossdressing Suspender Belt for Crossdressing
It took a very long time to find a suspender belt worthy of being sold on the site. But at long last I did it!

Makeup remover for crossdressing Make Up Remover
In a hurry. A few wipes and your make-up will be completely removed. Makes clean up easy after crossdressing.

Quick Shave for crossdressing Quick Shave
Crossdressers, this item is the best thing for shaving large portions of our bodies. I personally use one myself and have one in every shower.

It Stays for crossdressing It Stays
"It Stays" is a gentle roll on body adhesive that washes off with water. Leaving no stain.

Happy Feet for crossdressing Happy Feet
HAPPY FEET insoles “stabilize” the heel by controlling arch movement.

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Crossdresser shopping
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