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  This is our growing list of weblinks for the transgender and transvestite community. Find a service provider or distributor near you. If you would like to be included on our weblinks page, or if you would like to become an official distributor of Classic Curves' products, please email

Transformation Services
Crossdressing weblinks
Crossdressing weblinks
Crossdressing weblinks Denae Doyle Productions
Instructional videos for serious crossdressers and transsexuals. Learn how to move like genetic females. Instructional Video on VHS tape or DVD.

Online Sales, Personal Consultation in California
Crossdressing weblinks
To live in harmony with the world, you have to live in harmony with yourself.
That is why Hana Designs is not simply a salon - it is a relationship.

Transgender weblinks - Jana's Place Janna's Place SALON is professionally staffed, private and designed for THOSE THAT WANT THE UNLIMITED BEST!

Transgender weblinks - TGNorth
The girl in you can finally come out and play!

Crossdressing weblinks
The Transformations line is created with love and pride... may you feel more self pride as you wear, play, and create with Transformations.

Transgender weblinks - Transdreams Transdreams! An enterprise that is founded on tireless efforts... with an endless dedication to individual customers who are searching for professional assistance to look their best in feminine cosmetics and clothing.

Transgender weblinks - Miss Vera's Finishing School
For Boys Who Want To Be Girls. Welcome to the world's most unique crossdressing academy, the place where dreams can and do come true.

New York

Salon Nouvelle offers an elegant, whimsical, and private setting for fulfilling feminine fantasies. We provide a home-away-from-home...fully equipped and stocked with everything from wigs to lingerie...for safe cross-dressing activities.

Crossdressing weblinks
A professional makeup artist, and licensed cosmetologist,
I can bring out the beauty in you.

Bethlehem PA
A unique one-on-one crossdressing service tailored to fit your own personal tastes and feminine fantasies. Whether you're dressing up for the first time ever or you're an experienced t-girl looking for advanced secrets, Adam to Eve offers something for everyone in a safe, discreet, relaxed environment.

San Francisco, CA
Gina's CD Sanctuary, mentorship and makeover services.
Shake the fear that keeps you from fully realizing your feminine self and enjoying expressing the woman within. Offering services to CDs , TVs and TS in the form of instruction, information, feedback and guidance in being the girl you want to be. A safe, discrete, clean, stress free and comfortable place to dress. Access to a full feminine wardrobe, shoes (depending on size) and wigs is also available.

Los Angeles, CA
Carla's Salon & Boutique.
is a celebration of the feminine, in body and spirit, for the transgender community. Carla's has both a shop and a secure online boutique where you can shop for lingerie, shoes, clothing, wigs, breastforms, makeup and more.
San Jose, CA
Boudoir Fabulous is a discreet, upscale crossdressing service for T-girls and crossdressers based in Beacon, NY about 60 miles north of New York City. At Boudoir Fabulous you can crossdress and socialise in a private, safe, friendly and completely non-judgmental environment. I specialise in one-on-one en femme experiences, and you will have my complete attention during your visit. We are best girlfriends; indulging in girl talk over a box of chocolates, reading the fashion and gossip magazines, watching a chick flick, playing dress-up, hitting the town and living life to the very fullest as women. Now finally you can truly relax and enjoy some “other me” time! Beacon, NY

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