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Veronica 1 - Crossdresser Garment

The Veronica 1 crossdresser garment is ideal for wearing under very short skirts or swimsuits. Want to go dancing in a micro-miniskirt? This is the model you should get!

The Veronica 1 is our original hip-and-rear enhancing garment for the crossdresser who wants curves. It feminizes your proportions, by making your hips almost as wide as your shoulders. At the same time, it enhances your rear, allowing you to properly fill out feminine clothing. Each Veronica 1 is custom-padded to make you a better-looking crossdresser!

If you are reordering pads and it's been a year or longer. Please resubmit a new fit chart.

$175.50 + S/H

Size Range
If your waist measurement is 38 inches or larger, or if your height EXCEEDS 6-foot-2-inches, your size range is Ample, otherwise you are considered Average.

Rush? Rush orders will be processed under 3 weeks or less. An additional $25.00 will be added to all rush orders.


Please fill out fit chart below to order.
  • These are tight-fitting honest with your measurements!
  • Use a cloth tape. Wear your panties, as they may affect your dimensions
  • If you always intend to wear a corset/waist cincher, put it on before taking measurements. Be advised that elastic waistbands will reduce your waist a little on their own.
Measurements may be in inches or centimeters:
Inches or cm:
Genetic Female?:

1. Shoulder:
Measure circumference of your shoulders.


2. Chest:
Measure circumference of chest at nipples.


3. Waist:
Circumference of waist 2 inches above your male waistline. This is your female waist size, i.e., where the waist of either Veronicais supposed to rest. If you ALWAYS intend to wear a corset/waist cincher, put it on BEFORE making the measurements! Be advised that the 3-inch ( Veronica1 ) or 6-inch ( Veronica 2 ) waistbands will reduce your waist a little on their own.

Waist Cincher?:

4. Torso Rise:
Measure from your navel down to underneath your scrotum. The end-point should be midway between the front and back of your crotch

Torso Rise:

5. Buttocks:
Measure circumference of fullest part of your buttocks:

Flatter than average?:
How Curvy do you want to be?:

6. Thigh:
Measure circumference of thigh 3 inches below crotch:

Height (barefoot):
Weight Measurement:
Bone Structure:

3 inch elastic waist band
Colors: Black | White

crossdresser girdle

crossdresser girdle image

crossdresser girdle image 3

Customer Comments:

"OMG what fantastic fem figure enhancement !!! Just love my new Veronica 1 !!! My hugs to you all."


"All I can say is Thanks! I look in the mirror and see this other person looking back at me. I find it hard to believe with makeup and breasts and now a veronica that is made to my specifications to see this female person looking back at me. It is amazing, this is what I look like if i was born a woman. Thank you again!"


Order Veronica 1 Crossdresser Replacement Parts

Crossdresser fit chart image

175.50 + S/H

Girdle for the crossdresser Veronica 1 for the crossdresser Enhancement garment for the crossdresser

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