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Cross Dressing: Veronica - Design

The Veronica 1 and the Veronica 2 are the first cross dressing foundation clothing designed by computer to make your hips and derriere perfectly feminine!

A perfect 3D female form is superimposed over your 3D male form. The computer subtracts out the body shape common to both, and generates a 3D CAD model of the extra curves necessary, to give you YOUR appropriate female body shape!

Because everybody is unique, fit charts are included at this web-site. (The charts can be found on the individual page.) Print the completed chart so that a custom garment can be created for your individual proportions. Your measurements are input into a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program, for the Veronicas, which generates both a male and a female model of you. The two models are then merged, and the common shapes deleted, to produce a garment patterned for YOUR optimal feminine curvature.

Choose the full-zippered version for easiest entry into the garment, demi-zippered, or the pull-on version for an absolutely seamless front contour. The pull-on version, though a little harder to get into, is the version we'd recommend for leggings/tights, or any other thin, form-fitting outerwear.

Cross Dressing garment

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