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The Diva - Crossdresser Cleavage Enhancer

Up until now, there were only 3 ways to get crossdresser cleavage--hormones, implants or tape. Hormones mean that you'll be feminine-looking 24 hours a day, for the rest of your life (unless and until you get breast reduction surgery).The same holds true for breast implants. It's possible to get realistic-looking cleavage by using tape and make-up, but this technique is extraordinarily difficult to master.
Read about the design of the Diva

Classic Curves International has introduced a FOURTH way to create cleavage...using our Diva breast-enhancing garment! The Diva is ingeniously designed to take the loose side and chest tissue you have now(and we've ALL got SOME) to temporarily create what appears to be absolutely real cleavage! (patent pending)

$46.00 + S/H

please read fit chart before proceeding


We recommend ItStays a gentle roll-on adhesive that will keep your bra straps, nipples and diva foam pads in place.

Your diva modification
How to make your Diva more effective.

Here's a photo of our lovely Stefia wearing the
Diva with a 2x size padded Demi bra.

Steffie says a big "Thank you for inventing the Diva!"
crossdresser cleavage
I just wanted to write a long overdue letter saying Thank You for making such incredible products. I’m currently saving my pennies for a Veronica 3. I feel very confident I will be just as satisfied. A fan,
Amanda Grae

crossdresser cleavage

crossdresser cleavage


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